All About Veganism

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What is “Veganism?”

The Google definition for Veganism is, “the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals. A follower of the diet or philosophy is known as a vegan.” But, in short, it’s a lifestyle of cutting all animal products out of your diet.

The “Vegan Types”

Many people and cultures follow the vegan lifestyle for all kinds of varying reasons, but these reasons all tend to boil down to 4 main categories. These four most common types of vegans are ethical vegans, environmental vegans, health vegans, and religious vegans.

The “ethical vegan” renounces violence and cruelty against animals. In the eyes of an ethical vegan, there’s no difference between animals that are domesticated and the animals killed for food. Who’s to say one animal deserves to die over another, and why is that a decision to be made by us?

Those that care about our impact on the planet, and take on the lifestyle as a way to do their part for the environment fall under the “environmental vegan” type. Humans’ dependency on animal products may not have been a problem in the early days of civilization. Still, with the industrialization of the food industry, the ever-growing population, and obesity on the rise, our planet is getting hit hard with our dietary decisions.

From the environmental vegan, we segway into our next vegan type, the “health vegan.” The health vegan is someone that takes the vegan plunge for better overall health. With low caloric impact and being high in essential vitamins, vegetables are a crazy healthy way to show your body some positive food attention. It’s almost like the diet is better suited to our bodies, weird…anyway, the health benefits of the vegan lifestyle are what drives those that fall into this category.

This brings us to the final vegan type, the “religious vegan.” In case the name doesn’t quite give it away, this vegan type leads the lifestyle for primarily religious reasons. Several religions practice the vegan diet, Buddism and Hinduism being the most well-known. Some of the views a religious vegan has for why they follow the lifestyle often has some similarities to the other types. For example, Jainism shares similar views to the “ethical vegans,” a stance against violence no matter the species.

Regardless of the type of vegan, most people that choose to follow the lifestyle do tend to have good intentions for doing so, and honestly, why not? I believe this is our ONE life, and it can’t hurt to try new lifestyles. Especially if there are potential benefits for your health, animals, or the planet.

Different Vegan Diets

While those that live the lifestyle will typically fall into four main vegan types, there are many vegan dietary paths that you can follow. It’s just a matter of what a person wants to achieve, and what’s best for the way they live. 

Raw Vegan – Eating an entirely raw diet, with nothing being cooked above 104° F.

Gluten-Free Vegan – Eating an entirely vegan diet, with the added rule of not having gluten.

Fruitarian Vegan – Eating a diet healthy in fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Whole-Food Vegan – Eating only whole-foods and avoiding processed foods.

Junk-Food Vegan – Eating all the new-age processed vegan foods.

Raw Till 4 Vegan – Eating the “Raw Vegan” diet until 4 PM, then having your hot meals.

Paleo Vegan (Pegan) – Eating like the REALLY old days, all fresh foods, no beans, or grains.

Freegan Vegan – Eating foods thrown out by stores and markets, hence ‘free’ in the name.

The Wrap Up

Is this lifestyle right for you? I don’t know. What I do know is I follow the vegan lifestyle help my anxiety and want to give others a chance to consider the option for themselves. No matter the reason you take the plunge, if you do, the bottom line is the diet is better for the planet and our health. But, don’t take my word for it, do your own research and be informed.

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